The following interview originally appeared in the Examiner in June 2012.

As an actress, writer, voice-over artist, and comedian, Sykes is well known for her movie roles in Monster-in-Law, Over the Hedge, and Ice Age 4.

No stranger to television, Sykes remembers her great chemistry with the cast of The New Adventures of Old Christine. Although a writer herself, Sykes said that she did not contribute to the writing on that show but the writers were great. This show can still be seen on demand where available.

A mother to twin 3 year-olds, a boy and a girl, Sykes has a plethora of new material due to her busy household. Juggling work schedules with her wife, Sykes is able to enjoy the flexibility that her career sometimes demands and can still travel to Los Angeles when needed. Her children are already seasoned travelers. Having children at the toddler stage, Sykes says that there is nothing that is off-limits and that they are at an age where anything they can get into they consider their property. Sykes says her little girl is always chattering away and is a handful. Sykes laughs as she says they are “paying off” as they provide her with new material to work with.

Sykes attended college and graduated with a degree in Marketing. While working for the National Security Agency, she decided that it wasn’t something she could see herself doing long-term. Taking the initiative, Sykes decided to write some jokes and try stand-up one night. Once she got some laughs she knew that was the new path she wanted to take.

Going back to stand-up is like going home, Sykes says. It’s where it all started for her. When asked if she had any advice for those who want to be in entertainment or try a new career, Sykes said that as for her, she just had to try. She just wrote some material and gave it a shot, and added, not every night was great but when you stick with it you will get better and better.

For more information on Wanda and her current tour schedule go to the Wanda Sykes web site. Check out the Borgata web site for more events.