I was first introduced to Russell Brand on the television when he hosted an MTV awards show (I don’t recall which one it was or the year). I took an immediate liking to this funny British man with the crazy hair. I had definitely never encountered anyone like him before.

Through the years I’d catch some of his interviews and found him to be such a prolific speaker who actually had really great ideas and insight into himself. More recently I have been watching his YouTube channel and while he is supremely entertaining, handsome, and charming, he also has such a deep humanity about him and cares about the world and the people in it.

When I heard that Brand would be in Brooklyn talking about and signing his new book, titled Recovery, I didn’t hesitate to purchase the tickets (one for my daughter as well). You always think you can have a real sense of a person by who you think they are but here was our chance to get a closer look.

The book signing was held at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY. Although this is about two hours from where we live we thought it would be worthwhile to make the trip. It turned out to be absolutely worth it. Being the super animated person that he is, there wasn’t a dull moment even though the subject matter of his book is very serious. Brand took questions from the audience and he very thoughtfully answered each one.

As he was getting low on time they decided that he could answer some questions while he was signing books. He was there well after the scheduled time and when he spoke with some very distraught people we noticed that he told them to wait until after the event and he would spend some time talking to them. How many people would actually take the time to do that? Not only does he put in so much work for his own self development but he shares the knowledge and tools that he has gained over his lifetime to help others. If only more of us could be that selfless. I can’t wait to start reading!

Where to purchase his new book titled Recovery:

UK:  http://tinyurl.com/ycs8gu6b
US:  http://tinyurl.com/ydcwz3kd
AUS:  https://t.co/Ri1XSonD2X