Interview with Air Supply’s Graham Russell

Air Supply has enjoyed a career that has spanned over four decades (thus far), they have amassed almost 2 million followers on social media, and the band continues to tour like there is no tomorrow.

Recently I had the great honor of interviewing Graham Russell from his beloved home in the mountains of Utah. We spoke about touring, musicals, new band members, and poetry.

A write-up wouldn’t do this interview justice so I decided to switch up the usual format and post the audio of our conversation (with Graham’s permission).

It’s really interesting to hear how he feels such a great responsibility to his fans to keep things new and fresh when the band could easily tour forever and not change a single set list. Music that he wrote in the 70s is still being used in movies to this day so that says something about the staying power of Air Supply’s catalog of work.

Due to technical difficulties I was unable to capture the part of our conversation about the musical A Wall Apart. Graham wrote the music and lyrics for this show that was part of the New York Musical Festival lineup over the summer. You can learn more at the A Wall Apart web site.

Listen to my entire interview with Graham on my Author on Location YouTube channel.

Visit Air Supply’s web site and Facebook page for more information about the band and to view their tour schedule.

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